Jerry Peterson authorHello and a good Christmas to you

What happened to November? And the first half of December?

I know . . . NaNoWriMo, three book-signing events, Thanksgiving, and getting the house ready for Christmas.

Marge and I host several groups to pre-Christmas luncheons, teas, and dinners at our place, so we had a dozen trees to put up and light and a flock of rooms to decorate in our Victorian manor in the lead-up to this season of celebration.

Books for you . . .

photoI have two new books out for you, a Christmas short story collection titled A James Early Christmas and Other Stories of the Season and the sequel to Early's Fall . . . Early's Winter.

You can get your copy Malegra of A James Early Christmas, either a real book or an ebook, at or Barnes & Here are the links:
(real book) - (Kindle ebook) - (Nook ebook)

Early's Winter is available now as an ebook at Amazon and B&N. Here are the links: (Kindle ebook) - (Nook ebook)

If it's a real book you want, Early's Winter should be up on both sites Christmas week, maybe even a day or two earlier.

Back to A James Early Christmas, it's my first collection of Christmas stories. I intend to bring out a new collection every year for as long as I continue to write. Next year's collection is a set of stories from the Smoky Mountains. One story features AJ Garrison, the main character in The Watch, that crime novel released in October pharmacy.

One more Christmas story for you . . .

Those of us who have been friends for several years or longer know I post a new Christmas short story here for your reading pleasure every December.

I've been writing them since 2000, so I have a dozen in my files.

Actually, thirteen. You see, I wrote next year's story, "Cody and the Zombie Eraser," a couple weeks ago.

"Early's Gift" is this year's story. Click on the SHORT STORIES tab and it will pop up for you.

Meet Molly MacRae . . .

Molly MacRae cheered when I told a gathering of mystery writers a couple months ago that I was bringing out The Watch, the first book in my new crime novel series set in eastern Tennessee, specifically in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

She sets the books she writes, all witty, laugh-out-loud cozies, a bit further north and east, on the western edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, books you will enjoy.

Click on the FEATURED AUTHOR tab and meet this fine writer.

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