Hey, Will Rogers

Cowboy philosopher, actor and writer Will Rogers said a lot of things over his lifetime including, “In Hollywood the woods are full of people that learned to write, but evidently can’t read. If they could read their stuff, they’d stop writing.” The quality of a number of film and television scripts – well, you seen [...]

Books in the garden

Grandson Jake took a long look at it before he asked, “Why’d you buy that rabbit?” Because he has a book, I said. Hey, I’m a writer. This bit of garden statuary, called the Daydreaming Rabbit by its designer, Kristina Frye of New Creative Enterprises, does indeed have a book. It’s turned over in his [...]

The lessons of Facebook

I’m on Facebook! As of last week. Many of us writers are. It’s one way we reach out to build a fan base, to let our “friends” know what we’re writing now and where we’ll be making appearances and signing books. Also we in the large A.D. White family clan scattered in the Lower Forty-eight, [...]

Teacher Man departs

Hardly had we digested the news of Walter Cronkite’s death than we learned the next day that Frank McCourt had died. A grand and excellent man, yet so humble. He taught in New York City schools – English and creative writing – for 29 years, with no time to write what he wanted to write. [...]

Walter Cronkite, we miss you

Hard to imagine that the man I watched on television when I was a kid, the man hosting CBS’s “You Are There,” would one day leave us. As kids and teens and young adults in our 20′s, we expect to live forever, and we expect those around us to do so, too. But Walter Cronkite [...]

Bats at the library

I always thought Brian Lies’ picture book, Bats at the Beach, was a tremendous read for us old kids [I’m 69] and younger kids, too – a tremendous read for its imaginative story idea, superb illustrations, and clever writing. Houghton Mifflin brought it out in 2006. I didn’t think Lies could top it. Until I [...]

Books touch ‘em

Kids don’t read. Have you heard that one? Like all generalities, it’s not true. However, there are many kids who read only what they have to and some who don’t read at all. I was a teacher, I know. But there are those who read – really read and read extensively. And it transforms their [...]

Vampires at your neighborhood Christian bookstore

I never expected a vampire to try to bite me at a Christian bookstore. But they soon will be there, in the fiction section. In mid September, WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing releases Thirsty, its first vampire novel, and it’s written by Christian chick-lit author Tracey Bateman. WaterBrook and Bateman created the book because of the wild [...]

Now that’s good writing

“What might have seemed like the unlikeliest of friendships – me at nineteen, a miniskirted college sophomore, and six Shaker sisters in their seventies, eighties, and nineties, soft and wrinkled as old plums – made sense, perhaps to our mutual surprise.” The italics are mine, but that imaginative descriptive is June Spriggs’ in her 1998 [...]


Here, let me give you two page ones and ask which makes you want to read on? First page one James Early steered with his knee while he fought against a yawn. He knew the highway, every curve and rise and fall of it, had driven sections in his sleep, he was sure. More than [...]