More on writing with our thumbs – Part 1

Okay, I’ve sold you on the idea of going to and trying out this idea of downloading a thumb novel to your cellphone . . . or your computer if you don’t want to read a book on a super-small screen. Of course, I hope you will download my novel, the thriller Iced. And [...]

Writing with our thumbs – Part 5

The cellphone novel, thumb novel, keitai shousetsu tends to be short. But there are thumb novels out there that run well beyond 100,000 words, that read like stream of consciousness diaries. Filled with teen angst. But the new super-short novel out there is the Twitter novel . . . written in 140-character bursts. That’s maybe [...]

Writing with our thumbs – Part 4

Iced, the thriller that you can download a chapter a day to your cell or computer starting on Tuesday, came in at 34 very short chapters – no more than 500 words per. Total word count for the novel, about 16,000. I easily could have bulked the story out to 80,000 words, a comfortable length [...]

Writing with our thumbs – Part 3

Why would anyone write a cellphone novel, a thumb novel? You figure you have a story to tell, and, if you’re a teen, hey, the cell is your communications technology. And maybe other teens will read your story. Maybe lots of them. And if you use the right program, they can respond to you – [...]

Writing with our thumbs – Part 2

In Japan, where teen girls wrote the first thumb novels (keitai shousetsu) – and continue to write the bulk of them in that country – these novels are wildly popular. More than a million of thumb novels on the site Maho no i-rando alone. Twenty million people downloaded Love Sky from Maho, the first novel [...]

Writing with our thumbs – Part 1

I did it! I wrote a thumb novel, and you can read it in serial form beginning next week. Thumb novel? Did I getcha with that one? Thumb novels, around for a decade now, are written to be read on your cell phone’s screen. And writers write them on their cell’s keypad . . . [...]

Simple Gifts – Part 4

English teachers and writers will love this Eldress Gertrude story. June Sprigg recounted in her book, Simple Gifts: A memoir of a Shaker village, how this grand old gal of seventy-seven, mangled the language: “She was a big fan of National Geographic. She liked to discuss what she’d read, so I should have been prepared [...]

Simple Gifts – Part 3

Of the six women living at New Hampshire’s Canterbury Shaker Village – the last six of the sect, all in their seventies, eighties and nineties – Eldress Gertrude was perhaps June Sprigg’s favorite. You could tell it in the Gertrude stories Sprigg recounted in her book, Simple Gifts: A memoir of a Shaker village. Gertrude [...]

Simple Gifts – Part 2

June Sprigg who, at age nineteen, was hired to be a summer guide at Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire, found each of the six surviving Shaker women who lived there to be distinctive personalities. Meet Eldress Gertrude, age seventy-seven: “You would not know she had a care in the world when she met visitors [...]

Simple Gifts

June Sprigg was, in the summer of 1972, just out of her college freshman year and a guide at Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, New Hampshire. The village, at its peak, had nearly 300 members. Now it was only six. All women, ranging from age 74 to 96. Sprigg got to know these women well, [...]