Shakespeare said it – Part 4

So many great lines in the Henry plays. Here are three: King Henry IV, Part 1 . . . Act I, Scene II, Hal (Prince Henry) speaking to Ned Poins: “He will give the devil his due.” Here’s the full line: “Sir John stands to his word, the devil shall have his bargain; for he [...]

Shakespeare said it – Part 3

Ron Scott Fry, as Shakespeare, described his Globe Theater as a wooden O, the center of the O open to the sky. “Why was that?” he asked. We in the audience stared at one another. No one wanted to hazard a guess. “We didn’t have lights,” Fry said. “We presented all our plays in the [...]

Shakespeare said it – Part 2

Here’s Shakespeare’s line that all of us actors love: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.” The play, “As You Like It,” Act II, Scene VII, Jaques speaking to Duke Senior. The entire [...]

Shakespeare said it – Part 1

“I have killed kings,” said Shakespeare to those of us in the audience at the Stoughton library the other evening. “I have been a thief, a witch, a bumbling officer of the law, I have been in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. All these things I have done from my writing [...]

Sherlock Holmes is everywhere – Part 5

As powerful as Basil Rathbone was in the role of Sherlock Holmes 60 and 70 years ago, the classic Holmes was Jeremy Brett. He starred in the Granada television series, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” from 1984 to 1994. Forty-one episodes in all. The idea the show’s producers held to was to make a fully [...]

Sherlock Holmes is everywhere – Part 4

Sherlockian Jacquelynn Morris loved Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in their first “Sherlock Holmes” movie in 2009. In a blog post, she said Downey “comes as close to the thinking, reasoning machine of Holmes as I’ve ever seen. While (Basil) Rathbone could hint at an intelligence beneath the surface and (Jeremy) Brett could show [...]

Sherlock Holmes is everywhere – Part 3

CBS is betting that its third attempt to bring a contemporary Sherlock Holmes with a female Watson to the small screen is indeed charmed. “Elementary,” starring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, is to air on Thursday nights at 9:00 (CST) in the fall. The network’s first two attempts [...]

Sherlock Holmes is everywhere – Part 2

After those buccaneer actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law brought out their turn-of-the-last-century action movie, “Sherlock Holmes,” perhaps all there was left to do was to bring Sherlock into the 21st century as a young man. And the BBC did it. With “Sherlock” that last year aired three episodes here on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater. [...]

Sherlock Holmes is everywhere – Part 1

When we wave goodbye to Dr. Gregory House tonight – “House” wraps up its 8-year run on Fox – we’ll be waving goodbye to a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Really. I didn’t know that until I read up on the show today. I’ve not been a fan of “House”. I don’t like the character. He’s cruel. [...]

The quotable Mark Twain – Part 5

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. Quoted by Albert Bigelow Paine in “Mark Twain: A Biography” What is your favorite quote?