About the Book

a novel set in fictional Wapello County, Wisconsin, just a little south of Madison

The killing of a former Iraqi interpreter sets his American sponsor on a search for the assassin, a search that involves a torch job of the Iraqi’s house, a race across open water on a snowmobile, and a shoot-out in the state capitol. Wisconsin winters are murder. In Iced, by crime novelist Jerry Peterson (Early’s Fall, Five Star, 2009), it certainly is.

That’s the jacket copy. The sales pitch to the potential reader, to you.

Are you hooked?

If you are, you can get this novel free as a download right now by clicking right here.

I wrote Iced as a serial and uploaded a chapter a day to www.eaifo2.org. People read it there on their computer monitors or downloaded the chapters to their cellphones. But it was as it was—a chapter a day, a 3-minute read because I kept each chapter short, 500 words or less.

Some of my regular readers passed it up because they wanted the complete novel rather than a chunk today and another chunk tomorrow. Perhaps you’re one.

Well, here it is now, all 34 chapters. Thirty-four chapters times 3 minutes means you can read Iced in an hour and 42 minutes.

Come on, go for it.

A tip of the hat. I had originally titled this novel A Cold Death—a ho-hum title. It was Millie Mader, a colleague in my writers group, Tuesdays with Story, who said one evening, “You have so much cold and snow and ice in this book, and two people are killed, you should call it Iced.”

Two people killed—iced. Thank you, Millie.


© Jerry Peterson.